Small Groups

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Small Groups provide students with an atmosphere of
faith, encouragement, and fellowship.


  • Metanoia- Metanoia is a term meaning “a change of heart.”  Developed by ESU students, Metanoia is a women’s small group for ESU students. At these meetings, women learn how to live out their Catholic faith in everyday life and grow in fellowship with one another.  For more information, please contact the Didde center.

  • Men’s Group- This is the men’s small group. Every Monday evening the men and Fr. Nick meet to discuss a faith topic as they learn to grow closer to God. The talk is followed by a social event such as dinner or a movie that helps us come together in fellowship. If you are interested, please contact the Didde Center.

  • Bible studies- Students gather to read and learn about the Bible in the small group style of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students). We will have several Bibles studies meeting throughout the school year, and as always, if you are interested, please contact the Didde Center.

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