Talks on the Rocks November 5th

Help us welcome Mike Schuttloffel, director of the Kansas Catholic Conference, to our final Talks on the Rocks of 2017!

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“Seek the welfare of the city to which I have exiled you; pray for it to the LORD, for upon its welfare your own depends.” These words from the prophet Jeremiah challenge contemporary Catholics, especially those who find politics boring or distasteful. What is our responsibility to the social order, and what should we take as our guide? Is the Church up to speed on what is needed in the unique circumstances of our time? What constitutes the “welfare” of civic life, anyway?

In our FINAL Talks on the Rocks for 2017, Mike Schuttloffel, former congressional staffer and current liason for the Catholic bishops of Kansas to the State Legislature, will speak from experience and the principles of Catholic social teaching to shed some light on these and other questions you bring.

All welcome!

Drinks available!

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